Safety Tips

Personal Safety Tips

Park your vehicle in well-lit areas and check the backseat prior to getting into the vehicle.
When going for a walk, let someone know your route, and how long you will be gone.
Carry your purse close to your body. This makes it less tempting, and less likely to be snatched!
Teach your kids the dangers of strangers and what to do to stay safe.
Become a member of a Neighbourhood Watch or Crime Prevention Program.
Report suspicious activities to the police.
Be involved in your community!

Business Safety Tips

Install an alarm system.
Two to lock up, two to open up. With two staff on, there is safety in numbers.
Vary the route you take to the post office and bank. For large sums of money or highly valuable items, hire a professional armed guard service.
Zero tolerance for shoplifting.
Become involved in Business Groups or Associations.
Develop and implement emergency measures policies and procedures.
Deliver quality customer service and care.
Be involved in your community!


Home Safety Tips

Have an alarm system.
Have someone check your residence when you're going to be away.
cut the grass, shovel sidewalks. Especially if you're away for more than an overnight trip.
Have trees, shrubs properly manicured, avoid hiding spots for would-be thieves.
Have a record of your possessions. Mark valuables so they can be identified.
In an apartment, never let someone in that you don't know!
Know who your neighbours are.
Be involved in your community!


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